Back to Homeschool Party!

We had our back to homeschool party this week and had a blast! I wanted to get the kids excited about the upcoming school and am pretty sure they are. I had Melody and Owen help bake our special party treats, sugar cookies! Yes, I could have made them on my own but they love helping make cookies to much, I know it would be more the treat to let them help.

The unicorn, house, and apple cookie cutters  I found at Sur La Table for $1.25 a piece. The house was so very suitable for our Homeschool Party! And if you notice there was no frosting on these cookies. I typically don’t frost cookies because we think they are already sweet enough as is. But we will add multi colored sugar crystal before baking if we have any on hand.

One of the highlights of the party is that I gave the kids gift bags full of all sorts of fun school supplies that they’ll be using through out the 2013-2014 school year. They were so excited, to them it was like Christmas Day! I included bookmarks some I drew myself and laminated, stickers, folders, clipboards, personal art caddy, crayons, zip up pencil puches, and more! My daughter’s favorite was the Nintendo DS Magic School Bus Game and my son loved his new puzzles the most.

I’ll have to say that the party went pretty well.  And most of the items to make it happen I got at the Dollar Tree! So even if you’re on a tight budget, you can make it happen for very little. Maybe next year we’ll all make pizzas! This is a tradition of throwing a party to celebrate the upcoming school year I hope to keep up every year I’m homeschooling my children.