Month: August 2013

Reading Eggs an Online Phonics Game, Free Two Week Trial Offer!

I had heard other Mom’s talk about Reading Eggs but had yet to check it out to use with my own children. This week I made my way over to the site and was very impressed with what the program promises! My daughter age 5, saw the website and right away wanted to try the program out.  It’s colorful, cute, can’t see what’s not to love.

1568What’s so great about Reading Eggs is that it  focuses on a core reading curriculum of skills and strategies essential for sustained reading success and is suitable for children aged 3 through 12. So not only my five year old but my nearly 3 year old son can take advantage too! It’s pretty impressive that since launching in the United States and Canada in 2011, Reading Eggs has signed on more than 500,000 subscribers and presented more than 15 million lessons in North America!

I know what may work for one child may not work for another especially when it comes to something like learning to read. So that’s why it’s nice that right now you can take advantage of a free Two-Week Trial Offer! There’s no credit card required.  And if you decide to subscribe, prices look pretty reasonable.

Reading Eggs  just may be what you’re looking for in helping your child learn to read & recognize phonics in a fun, interactive and completely engaging way! My family will be checking out the program and we’ll be sharing our further thoughts and experience with it.  But until then, I encourage you to try out the free two week trial too!

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Learning Resources Mental Blox Game {Review + Giveaway}


Mental Blox is a brain boosting hands-on strategy game that was released this year by Learning Resources. It’s geared toward children ages 5-13 and there’s a wide variety of ways to use the game! I will vouch that there’s more than meets the eye on the surface of Mental Blox. It can either be a look & build stacking game, a listen and build game, and you can use it to teach a child about pattern sequencing as well as take an approach to educate a child on geometric shapes and the correct names. Continue reading