When We Go Walking by Cari Best {Children’s Book Review}


When We Go Walking

by Cari Best
Illustrated by Kyrsten Brooker

This book opens up to a one of kind adventure down a place called Rambling Road. On this journey, readers meet five year old Wendy and her Father, Mother, Baby Brother Abe and pet cat Abby. The story is told by Wendy and she shares all about their walks through this specific road over of all four seasons.

Wendy reminds me ever so much of my daughter! My daughter whom is also five, wants to pick nearly everything off the ground to save and to recall our memories taken on whatever path we walk. It’s a great reminder how often we walk by the little things which in the eyes of a child can be special treasures to hold near and dear. But we don’t just see the road through Wendy’s eyes but through her families eyes too.

whenwegoThe illustrations in When We Go Walking fit the story well and are a lot of fun to look at. The mixed media used in creating the illustrations are a completely fantastic offering that goes ever so well with the story being told. The illustrator loves to find textures and patterns in recycled magazines in her art! And that’s just inspiration all in itself away from the story at hand!

This book totally encourages time spent with family! I know my own family of four quite enjoys getting out and taking walks together. We all notice different things and I use the time to not just bond but educate my children on all sorts of things around us! This book gets my kids excited about going on walks and making our own adventures. They loved seeing how the book ended with Wendy taking the things she collected on their walks over months and months and recreating her very own Rambling Road!

I highly recommend this book! It inspires creativity. It’s encourages children to discover what’s around them. We are reminded that time spent with those we love should be treasured. Making memories and capturing moments such as these are worth the walks we should be taking if we already aren’t.

Interested in Purchasing?  When We Go Walking is available on Amazon.com in two formats. You have the option of hard cover or e-book format. Price of the e-book is currently $3.99 and hardcover is $9.41 as of this posting.

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