Superbook {review}


I was super excited when I found out that Superbook, a cartoon series that teaches kids about the Bible was being remade for our current generation. I grew up watching the original and learned so much about the Bible! That show among other things, really prompted me to grow into learning more about God. I think Superbook is an exciting way to present the Bible to children. I feel that children will really grow in their Faith & Character!

I was sent a Super Book package that included 14 DVDs of the current Bible stories episodes being aired to share my thoughts upon. Included also was a few other fun things for the kids to enjoy such as a t-shirt, Bible trading cards, activity booklet, and a cool Superbook poster.

The Episodes:

  • In the Beginning -Creation & Adam & Eve
  • The Test – Abraham & Isaac
  • Jacob and Esau – story of repentance and forgiveness.
  • Joseph and Pharaoh’s Dream – God’s perfect plan for each one of us.
  • Exodus: Let My People Go – Moses and Israel’s exodus from Egypt.
  • The Ten Commandments – Moses and the Israelites receive God’s laws.
  • A Giant Adventure – David and Goliath.
  • Jonah -God’s mercy and compassion.
  • Roar! -Daniel and the lions’ den.
  • The First Christmas-

    Jesus’ birth.

  • Miracles of Jesus – God’s unmatchable power to heal the sick and calm the storms.
  • The Last Supper – The King of Kings becomes the servant of all.
  • He Is Risen! – The ultimate story of love, sacrifice, and the power of God!
  • The Road to Damascus – When Saul becomes Paul.

Each of the episodes usually begins with Chris and Joy encountering  a situation that pertains to Biblical lesson at hand. Before the kids & their robot Gizmo can solve their issue, they are swept away by Superbook and arrive at the time of one of the Bibical characters. They do come contact with the characters personally but quite a bit of what they see and hear is exactly how it is put in the Bible without interference on their part.

The animation is superb and imagery is amazing! I was finding myself blown away in quite a few of the episode!  I think this is displayed epically in the first episode “In the Beginning”, “Let My People Go”, &  “Jonah”.  You can see what I mean by watching the trailer by clicking here.

After viewing all of the above mentioned episodes, I will be aiming to purchase the future titles. My husband and I like that Superbook  is pretty accurate and hasn’t ignored any important details mentioned in the Bible. Another thing I was pretty partial to is that they included the first run of of the series episode on the corresponding DVD in the bonus features section. The kids don’t just get the new version but the older as well.

Other bonus materials included with each episode DVD is a Family Discussion guide! These guides open the door for more questions and answers the viewer may ask. There are also prayers the family can pray together pertaining to the story or topic on hand. And for fun, each DVD comes with a few Superbook trading cards that feature Bible characters bios and power verses!

As with any material shown to children, I would recommend pre-screening it. Some of the episodes and stories might be too much for a younger child to handle. One episode in particular would be “The Last Supper” episode. Not graphic but intense.

To learn more about Superbook, check out the CBN website on the the series! There are a ton of fun activities for the kids, apps,  study guides to go along with the episodes, and much  more! Highest or recommendations from my family!


Interested in Purchasing? You can currently only buy these through the SuperbookDVD club. You can learn more about that here.

Disclaimer: I am receiving free product as part of a promotional program with CBN and MomSelect to review. This review is 100% my opinion and has not been edited or reviewed by anyone. I was not compensated in any other way for this product review.