Snails Safe Nails Kid-Safe Nail Polish Review


SNAILS (Safe Nails!), is the first French-made chemical-free kids nail polish! This brand was started when of mom of two searched high and low for safe non-toxic nail polish for her daughter but none were to be found. This nail polish is completely non-toxic, free from parabens, totally kid friendly, water-based, and washable. It comes a variety of eye catching colors and it’s hypoallergenic!

I was pretty excited to try SNAILS on my five year old daughter’s nails. She loves having her nails painted but I often worry about applying the same polishes I use due to ingredients that could harm her if ingested. My daughter has the tendency to bite her nails which is a habit we are trying to break! She tends to do it less if she’s wearing nail polish though sometimes she forgets and we’d rather be safer than sorry. And that’s why I love this particular nail polish so much. It’s helping break her habit and even if she slips up, I know that she’ll be okay since this polish is chemical free!

Colors that can be found in the Snails Nail Polish Line:

Bedtime stories: calming sky blue shades entice little ones to relax and unwind
• Candyfloss: sugar, spice and everything nice all rolled into a pretty baby pink hue
• Disco girl: little dancing queens will dazzle in beautiful glossy pink
• Fairytale: once upon a time soft shiny pink graced gorgeous girls’ fingertips
• Go Green: eco-kids will love warm olive tones of nature and life
• Lollipop: matte scarlet red kindles kids’ enthusiasm and interest
• Make a wish: golden nails promote the Midas touch in confidence and courage
• Mrs Carrothead: pumpkin orange shades match kids’ zest for life
• Purple comet: magic, mystery and imagination in glossy purple hues
• Secret diary: playful fuchsia tones will delight little nails


We were sent Secret Diary & Make a Wish to try out! It arrived in a cute like package that was perfect for gifting. The set included two full size nail polishes in a bag along with a cleaning wipe ( though you can clean off the nail polish with just water and soap). My daughter was pretty excited and loved the cute little bows that adorned each of the Italian glass bottles.

The nail polish went on smoothly and even though it called for two coats, we thought it looked just as great with one. There are no weird headache inducing scents which is fantastic. The nail polish lasted on my daughter’s toes a lot longer than her fingers (due to washing her hands with soap and warm water). There’s no need to use acetone to review polish on my child which is a win. There’s no worry of spilling polish on the carpet or clothes knowing it wont stain!

This is fun polish to wear anytime and it’s especially great for kids that like to change things up often! If you want something a little longer lasting, I recommend searching elsewhere. This polish is pretty short-term since it washes off with soap and water. But I still like it and think it would great for even the really little ones in your life.

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Disclaimer: I was sent the above mentioned product to review. This review is 100% my opinion and has not been edited or reviewed by anyone. I was not compensated in any other way for this product review.