Rain Stomper, by Addie Boswell {Children’s Book Review}


 Rain Stomper
Written By Addie Boswell
Illustrated by Eric Valesquez

In the story “The Rain Stomper” readers are introduced to young girl named Jazmin. Jazmin is a baton twirler that is just about to march in a parade. But to much of her disappointment, the wind begins to whistle, thunder rumbles, the sun hides behind the clouds and with a slap clatter clatter slap it begins to rain down in buckets. Her reaction to the situation is certainly one that we all can relate to, especially for young children. Jazmin knows the rain will clearly ruin the parade! She hated it and started to complain saying things such as Mud Puddler, Cloud Crasher, & Parade Wrecker directly to the rain!

Jazmin then takes to going outside in the rain that bellowed, roared, and crashed. She stomped, kicked, splashed, and shouted while holding her baton high. Her actions caught the attention of other children that were inside their homes in the neighborhood. They all peered for a bit and then cheered Jazmin on! And to their surprise, the sun peeked out from behind the clouds! Jazmin the rain stomper and the other children deemed as puddle splashers out-stomped the rain. rain-stomper2This book would make a wonderful read aloud book for children around 4-8 years old. The words seem to rhythmically flow with such action directly off the pages. The text clearly stands out with all the splashing, stomping, jumping, and more! There’s much onomatopoeia going on too, which I most certainly appreciate.

The artwork is really what drew me to this book. The illustrations by Eric Valesquez are simply amazing. You can feel the emotions of Jazmin as well as the other children emanate off the pages. The energy, the joy, it’s all here. The city is also captured very well from the stoops, streets, and city buildings. An amazing picture book!

Highest recommendations! My children ages 2 1/2 and 5 years old really enjoyed this title. They were captivated as I read the book and talked later about wanting to stomp around and jump in puddles too. I know my kids have been disappointed by an outing getting canceled by the rain so this book is an encouraging story to take an undesirable situation and make the most out of it. The rain won’t usually last forever and what good is it to let fun get ruined despite it all?

I believe this book would be a great addition to library reading time as well as in the classroom. The Rain Stomper is a great book to encourage children not to let it rain on their own personal parades in life, whatever it may be.

Interested in Purchasing?  The Rain Stomper is avaialble on Amazon.com in e-book ($3.99) as well as in school & library binding ($11.40) as of this posting.

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