Numi Organic Savory Tea Garden Pack, 12 Count



Numi Organic Savory Tea is unlike any sort of tea I’ve had before. I had no idea what to expect but was intrigued by the idea of organic vegetables and spices blended together to create brand new experience. Numi Tea has created six blends to appeal to those brave enough to try it & what better way the with the Savory Tea Garden Sampler.

The box contains 6 flavors and 12 tea bags, so you can have a cup for yourself and share if you so choose. The blends you’ll find are Carrot Curry, Beet Cabbage, Tomato Mint, Spinach Chive, Brocoli Cilantro, & Fennel Spice. The tea is 100% organic as well as non-GMO verified. Each flavor inspired from recipes around the world.

I think the sampler is a very good option if interested in trying these teas out. I say that because I honestly really liked some and others I could completely do with out. To each their own taste, I say though. My favorite out of all six is the Spinach Chive! It leaves an aftertaste like if you were have spinach and chive dip just without the added sour cream. And the Tomato Mint was another that I liked, being the mint lover that I am. I was kinda upset I didn’t like the Carrot Curry flavor more. I felt it needed to be a bit spicier and the carrot stronger in taste.

The flavors of the teas aren’t overly strong as one would have assumed from smelling the tea bag. I was a little shocked thinking they would have tasted more like broth or soup. I was hoping it would have been a bit stronger. I will state that each flavor tasted exquisitely fresh and quite distinct though. No sugar or cream is needed and the teas can be drank hot or cold.

I’d recommend trying them out if you are looking for something different. They compliment certain meals in my opinion quite well. I think they may also be an interesting addition to your cooking. You may just discover and brand new tea obsession. But do try out the sampler pack first!

Interested in purchasing? Numi Organic Savory Tea Garden Pack, 12 Count is available on for $5.99 (as of this posting).

Disclaimer: I was sent the above mentioned product to review. This review is 100% my opinion and has not been edited or reviewed by anyone. I was not compensated in any other way for this product review.