Look! Look! Look! by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace and Linda Friedlaender {Children’s Book Review}



As the story opens in Look! Look! Look!, children are introduced to a family of three mice. These three mice named Kiki, Alexander, & Kat are very curious trio with quite an interest and appreciation in art! While the Bigley’s, the neighbors of the mice, are away from home a post card with a painting of lady on the front arrives. As to be expected, the curiosity of the family of mice is captured right away, they decide to borrow the post card for a bit to just look at it.

As this story unfolds, the characters look very close at the painting. They first begin to dissect the painting with squares of paper they cut open to be viewers, carefully examining section by section. They then begin to share amongst each other what the see such as patterns and colors. They then go on taking artistic mediums of their own such as markers and discover lines which then proceeds to seeing certain shapes in the painting. Artistic inspiration ensues as the three mice begin cutting out their own shapes to create their very own Lady Mouseton to mimic the painting. They took far beyond what they saw and were inspired to create their own personal masterpieces!

The illustrations in this book are quite fun! In fact, the are rendered using paper, glue sticks, scissors, markers, crayons, and acrylic paint. I loved recognizing all the patterns and textures! I even noted that not just cardboard but even a paper towel or napkin print was used. How fun is that? I love thinking outside the box when it comes to art and am always encouraged when I see artist doing the same. The illustrations also kept the attention of both my 5 and 2 1/2 year old children, which is a big win!

This is a brilliant book! I think no child should be without it! The story teaches art appreciation and observation in such a fun clever way! The glossary in the back is wonderful resource for future teaching and learning opportunities. For example, it covers colors informing the readers of primaries and how those 3 can be combined to create all other colors. Other things covered is information about an easel, lines, patterns, shapes formed and free-formed. I thought it was fun that in one of the illustrations in the book, there’s artwork in the mouse house inspired by famous artist Henri Matisse, Auguste Rodin, and Josef Albers.

Last but not least, Look! Look! Look! has a project pattern “Look At Me! Look What I See” in the back of the book. This pattern is for children to create their very own self-portrait postcard. It informs what material are needed and prompts children to think about how they look so they’ll know where to start encouraging much creativity and free reign in their creation.

Anytime we’ve read this book, my children get ever so excited to go and create something afterwards! I love how much inspiration this book has given my children. I also have been encouraged to educate my children in looking at art in many different ways thanks to this book. Highest of recommendations from me and my kids!

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