July Date Day

It had been awhile since my husband and I had been out on date together without the kids and finally we got a chance this last weekend. My husband’s parents happily agreed to watch them for us and what’s better than a little quality time with Grandma and Grandpa? Schedules kept us from getting out sooner but I was glad every eventually worked out though after pay day would have been a bit nicer. But we were able to still do some fun things for a decent price and hey sometimes the cheapest dates can be the most fun!

We ended up taking advantage of our year pass to the Aquarium we purchased for our own family for Christmas. So that was FREE and though we’ve been quite a few times with the kids, we actually got to look at things more closely and read some of the information about each species. I’ll never tire of getting to see sea life up close and personal.

After the Aquarium we ate a lunch we packed earlier and headed to a nickel arcade ( all games .05 cents!)  We had fun there and played quite a bit of a vintage Star Trek Voyager game until we ran out of our 5.00 bag of nickles ( yup, geeks!). It’s fun getting to do things like this now because of our long distant relationship before we got married, we never got any opportunities to go on dates together!  We do now a bit but it can be a bit hard with the kids and limited child care. Usually the kids are watched by their Aunt or Grandparents. And for good measure since I trust them and have you seen the prices babysitters charge lately?

Overall, we had a good date & were also able to swing by one of our favorite restaurants in Portland, Oregon (Hopworks!) for an early dinner.  Can’t wait for our next date, who knows what we’ll be doing and how the weather will be (early Fall or will the rainy season return by then?)