Gearing up for the 2013-2014 Homeschool Year

I haven’t said a whole lot of lately because I’ve been pretty preoccupied. The Summer season is literally flying by and *gasp* in only a few more weeks school will start! (I keep trying to convince myself that I’m ready!) I will post an end of Summer summary of all the fantastic things and not so fantastic things that have been going on because I feel that it’s more beneficial to see both the good and bad. In looking back it’s a reminder to see how God answers or doesn’t specifically answer our prayers though he always sees us through no matter what.

Peace about the school year? Hmmm! I’d be lying if I said I had it completely. A few weeks ago, I was a little frantic. I started following boards on Pintrest ( A site that can make you feel inferior in so many ways! Don’t believe me? Check out those Pintrest Fails sites!) and reading other homeschooling families blogs. The pressure was on. I questioned myself wondering what if I don’t do enough or what if  do too little? I thought I needed all sorts of books and resources to properly educate my child. I was researching day and night (You can bet more than 2-3 cups of coffee were needed!).

Where was my Faith in God in all this? Where was my prayer for Peace? It eventually came but more panic than should have gone on did and I’m not proud of that.  I’m happy to say I now have peace and will be taking it all one day at time.

Scheduling: I have a rough schedule of what I’d like accomplished for the year right now (I can proudly say now that it’s much better than it was a month ago). I will jot things down more after work is completed than before. I’m going to go slow and I will not be pushing my daughter whom is starting Kindergarten. If she wants to do more each day, we’ll do more. If she’s getting upset or not comprehending a certain thing, we’ll slow down and I’ll look to other approaches to teach her that specific thing. And let’s keep it real, with a 2 1/2 year old still in diapers and me promoting the potty training, we have no idea how a school day will look for us. It does give me peace though that my son is pretty eager to learn, so I’ll just keep the activities going for him and it should be okay, right?

Curriculum choices, I’ll talk about in separate post (Totally need to be adding more content over here anyways!). I didn’t stick with a box set approach and may or may not in the years to come (Plus some of those box sets are ridiculously expensive, let’s not deny it). Right now, I’m following an eclectic approach to teaching (It was new to me that there are actual styles… so no homeschool family is alike, obviously!) I’ll be going with whatever works best because both my children have very different personalities and learning styles.

Horizons, Draw Write Now, Explode the Code are the names of just a few of the curriculum choices, I’ve opted to use for kindergarten. I’m also using the library and the plethora of resources all over the internet! (I almost could have used nothing but the internet for this year with places like Lesson Pathways out there if I was a little more confident at the time)

School should be fun, enjoyable, and something that brings you and your children close together. As long as that is kept in mind there should be no worries!

Be on the look out for my future Homeschooling posts. And if you home school, I’d love to follow your blog! Feel free to say Hi here too.