Airplanes: Soaring! Diving! Turning! {Children’s Book Review}


Airplanes: Soaring! Diving! Turning! By: Patricia Hubbell, Megan Halsey, Sean Addy

This is a must have book from the Things That Go! ┬áline of books. In fact, this book is the most recent out of three that I’ve purchased for my children from the series. Immediately after reading this book to my son age 2 1/2 and daughter age 5 a few times, I knew it would be a hit, especially with my son.

In Airplanes: Soaring! Diving! Turning! the whimsical illustrations are sure to make children’s eyes dance from page to page (I know my little guy can can sit for quite a bit of time exploring each page on his own). The mixed mediums such as etchings, original drawings, maps, and clipart make for almost a collage type feel in the book. Each page offers many interesting details that any appreciator of art would very much enjoy. It makes for a fun picture book!

The writing is very simple and rhymes in a such a clever way to keep listening ears all that much more interested. In due time, as the book gets read over and over, children are sure to chime in following along with the reader at every line. I’m sure lines such as “Climbing! Diving! Turing! Zooming! Banking! Slowing! Speeding! Vrooming!” are sure to even get children moving!

Throughout the book children will see and learn the names of all sorts of airplanes. There are cargo planes, army planes, navy planes, air shows planes, hydroplanes, and many more. Children will also discover that certain planes have all different types of jobs and purposes. They learn that there are planes used for weather, some flown to salute heroes, and planes that farmers use care for their crops. And those are just a few mentioned out of many more types of planes through-out the pages.

Each and every page in the book can spark a question and bring a child to want to learn even more about a specific type of plane. The book is recommended for children age 3-5 years old and it’s about 32 pages long. I know I enjoyed this book just as much as my kids! Highest recommendations.

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Disclaimer: I was sent the above mentioned product to review. This review is 100% my opinion and has not been edited or reviewed by anyone. I was not compensated in any other way for this product review.