UNICEF sponsor a child

unicefMost people are aware of the millions of starving children throughout the world. What they aren’t aware of is the myriad of ways that they can help in their own small way. The UNICEF sponsor a child campaign allows for everyday people to make a difference in the life of a child who just wants enough to eat, clean water to drink and the chance at an education. You Work In Concert With Others

Although many programs insist that you directly sponsor a child, this program is different. You will be donating money to a family, local charitable organization or government association that will work to put the money to use in as many different ways as possible. This helps the child and other children in the community get the resources that they need to grow and thrive. It Doesn’t Take Much You don’t have to give a lot to get a lot out of the experience.

For as little as $50, you can make sure that a child can get a drink of water, go to school and get health care as well. For many people in Australia and other developed countries, $50 is just a few hours pay. You May Get A Tax Break Depending on your tax situation, you may get to deduct the amount of the donation from your taxes. While this article is by no means meant to give tax advice, it is something to consider when giving to this worthy cause. As always, talk to a tax professional before determining if you can gain a tax advantage when you make a donation.


UNICEF Is Funded By Your Donations Your donations are the only resources that UNICEF has to draw from when support children and communities around the world. Therefore, they are not able to do their work without your generous contribution. Consider what you would do if your child was stuck in poverty and needed assistance. You would hope that there would be people willing to step up and contribute to the cause. UNICEF is a wonderful organization to donate to. If you have just a few dollars to give, it can be the difference between a child going to bed hungry and having a hot meal at night.