Kidorable Hooded Towels {Review}



It’s nearly Summer and that means trips to the pool, vacation to the lake or beach, and just all out fun getting wet in the water! And with all that water fun, your kids are totally going to need a good way to dry off! Or if your kids are out playing hard in the dirt without being the water, a fun towel after a much needed bath time would be great too. Your children are only kids once, so why not splurge a little this season on a fun themed towel?

My children were thrilled when I presented them both with their very own hooded towel from Kidorable, a couple of weeks ago. Their faces lit up and their excitement was extremely contagious. My two and a half year old son loves outer space so the Space Hero towel was quite the fit! And for my five year old daughter whom loves anything pink and cutesy, fell in love right away with the Lucky Cat Towel.

P1090891-001What makes these towels special? Quite a few things but first I’ll mention the adorable themes they come in! Currently you can choose from Space Hero, Butterfly, Dinosaur, Fairy, Fireman, Frog, Ladybug, Lotus Flower, Lucky Cat, Mermaid, & Pirate. Towels all come in two different sizes, newborn to two years, and ages three to six. Kidorable has by far the cutest hooded towels, I’ve seen to date!

Each 100% cotton towel has a snap closure in the front for extra security when being worn and a hood on the back. The hood is great for kids to protect their heads from the sun when being out of the water outdoors and also for helping their hair to dry quicker. I felt that these are extra absorbent as the the towels weren’t completely soaked after my kids dried off! I really liked how soft these felt as well. The gentleness of the fabric made drying off my son with eczema and extremely sensitive skin not bothersome to him at all.

I really like that the towels are generously sized and can wrap fully around a child without issue. The snap made keeping the towels in place. And the fact my kids were very happy with the design on the towels as well as everything else made me happy. The cat ears, paws, and tail on the Lucky Cat design is super cute. And the Space Hero towel features an adorable rocket, space ship, planet, stars and the hood looks like space man’s helmet.


After much use, I’ve washed the Kidorable Hooded towels many times and even after wash it comes out looking just as good as new. My daughter likes to run around with hers all over the park so it got pretty dirty but all the dirt came out! Care instructions are simple, wash cold & tumble dry low. I tend to usually just hang them out to dry. But it’s great to know there’s not a tedious this and that and you can throw them in the laundry with other things too. I noticed no bleeding of the fabric as well.

Overall I highly recommend the Kidorable Hooded Towels! They are cute, absorbent, durable, soft, cozy, and so much more. We can’t wait to take them along to the beach in a few more weeks! Total winners with the kids as well!P1090909

Interested in purchasing? All Kidorable Hooded Towels cost $38.00 and there’s free shipping on all orders over $100. I would recommend linking up to their Facebook page as well as twitter for promotional deals and specials!

Disclaimer: I was sent a two Hooded Towels for each of my children to review from Kidorable. This review is 100% my opinion and has not been edited or reviewed by anyone. I was not compensated in any other way for this product review.