The Quick Guide to Wild Edible Plants: Easy to Pick, Easy to Prepare {review}


The Quick Guide to Wild Edible Plants by Lytton John Musselman & Harold J. Wiggins is a handy resource for those interested in foraging, whether with a life long love or for those just starting out and want to get their feet wet. Be sure to take notice to the phrase quick guide in the title. This book is detailed just enough not to overwhelm a reader, which is great in my opinion for a book you could easily take along with you on your foraging expeditions. If you are looking for a more deeply detailed forging book, you’ll need to look elsewhere, hence quick guide.

I’m loving that the book is extremely well made, quite sturdy with an attractive linen hardcover. There are 144 pages from start to finish and 13 different sections. The sections include Introduction, Deadly Harvest: Plants you Should Avoid, Natures Storehouse of Edible Plants, Condiments, Aperitifs, Greens, Starches, Grains and Plants Used Like Grains, Flowers, Sweets, Cordials, Mushrooms, and a handy index of all the mentioned recipes that can be found throughout the book.

The book is very helpful in knowing when to pick certain things, how to prepare them for eating, and where they can be found. The descriptions are helpful and so are the more than 200 full-color photos. I found myself smiling when I read through some of the sections when they talk about what plant they would include for recipes and what they wouldn’t. There was something mentioned about Middle Earth and horrible tasting combination that would gag a maggot. I for one appreciate the honesty and realness in the book, as well being amused.

I’m happy to have this book and plan and putting it to good use in forging as well as in educating my children on edible plants and the ones to stay away from. The recipes look pretty delicious as well! Imagine the surprise from guest you could get when presenting them with a Cattail Corn-dog, Indian Strawberry Jam, or some Curly Dock Cookies!

If interested in purchasing, the The Quick Guide to Wild Edible Plants: Easy to Pick, Easy to Prepare can be pre-ordered on Amazon for $17.00 as of this posting.

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