Playbook Farm By: Corina Fletcher, Britta Teckentrup {Review}



Playbook Farm is an cleverly done pop-up book and play-mat built into one that any child would surely enjoy! My children ages two and almost five totally love this product and get super excited anytime I bring it out for them to play with. It’s become one of our favorite interactive pretend play toys/book!


The play book comes in its own case that features a magnetic latch to keep everything tidily stored inside. When you open the case, you’ll find the fully removable playbook on the right. And on the left side there’s an envelope which holds all the included animals, vehicles, and people pieces for play. There are 9 total pieces. Each of the pieces are designed to stand up by spreading the bottom of the piece and folding it out.

To lift the playbook out there’s a red ribbon adhered to the inside of the case that you can gently tug up. Inside the book there is a total of six pop-up farm scenes on one side of the book with a bit of a story. Some of the pop-ups can be lifted, opened, and even turned! My son and daughter were huge fans of the windmill pop up. They loved that they could turn the blades and learned that some windmills grind grains just like the one at a mill we live near!


If you open the book the opposite way, there’s question and answer pages, all farm related. For example of on of the questions, “What do Sheep do?” and it goes on to answer “Sheep give us wool to keep us warm”. This section gives parents or caregivers the opportunity to ask children what they already know about farms and educate them on the things they don’t know.

This is the first type of book I’ve ever seen that opens up into a full 3d farmyard landscape playmat! The card stock is very durable. Though I will note that if played with a bit too vigorously it could wear out over time.

The illustrations are great. The presentation is very eye catching and upon a first glance any parent or child would be excited about it. It clearly opens a world of learning opportunities and fun memory making all in one! I would highly recommend this to parents, grandparents, and other caretakers looking to do a fun special activity with the children or child in their life.

After enjoying this playbook so much, we are pretty excited to know they’ll be Pirates Playbook coming out in the Fall of 2013!

You can purchase the Playbook Farm on for $20.00 (as of this posting).

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