Healing Mittens {review}


A Short Bio on How Healing Mittens Came To Be From Shop Owner Michelle …

I started making the cotton mittens after one of our many trips to the pediatrician to try to find relief for my daughter’s eczema. In addition to two prescriptions, the doctor told me to buy her 100% cotton gloves or mittens, which would do two things: 1. stop her from itching herself elsewhere and 2. help keep the medicines in contact with her skin, since her hands are where her eczema is the worst. She couldn’t tell me where to find them. I couldn’t find anything on the internet either — they were either 100% polyester or they were made for adults.

My mother is an avid seamstress, so when I mentioned the problem to her, she laughed and told me to make them myself. We went to the fabric store and they had an entire section of stretch, 100% cotton fabric. I let my daughter pick out the fabrics she wanted and we traced her hand to make a pattern. After a couple versions and modifications, we had mittens.

The mittens are an integral part of my daughter’s eczema routine. Her fingers and hands bear the worst of her condition, and on days when her skin is really bugging her, she’ll tell me “I wear my gloves to night-night, Mommy? Then I feel better?”

I opened the etsy shop at my husband’s suggestion. “There HAVE to be other parents out there looking for these things, just like you were.” And now, when I’m making gloves for an order, my son will say “Mommy is making gloves to help kids with owies like Allie.”

I only hope the gloves can help other kids suffering from eczema.

My Thoughts…

My son Owen age two years old recently had a very bad eczema flare up. I was a desperate mother in search of products to help aid in restoring his skin back to health. In restoring his arm and legs areas wasn’t very hard to keep covered up will medicines worked but places like his neck, hands, and face not such an easy task! Even though his nails are short, he’d still do his best to scratch and in doing so, it made the area much worse!

I was so happy when I came across Healing Mittens on Etsy! These gloves are 100% cotton, extra long, and can be worn under a long sleeved sleepers very easily during the night time hours. After my son started wearing these during his worst eczema flare up times, I have seen much better results. His healing which could take over week ended up being in a matter of days.

I was extremely happy to come across Healing Mittens and hope other parents with little ones with eczema issues know that there is a place where they can get mittens to help aid in their children’s healing. The prices are affordable and to make things more fun, Michelle even makes these in a few different patterns perfect for both boys and girls. Size ranges is xs-xl and if you need something a bit more custom, she’s happy to work with you!

As my son grows, I know I’ll probably be ordering a few more sets for whenever those unexpected flare ups show up. I encourage you to check out her shop, prices range from 3.00-5.00 depending on what size you need. Whether if your child has eczema, chicken pox, or any other skinĀ irritation, I urge you to click HERE to check out Healing Mittens for yourself!

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned product but no other compensation has been received. All thoughts about the product are my own.