Cardamom Pu’erh Tea {Review}


I found Cardamom Pu’erh Tea to be quite good. I never trying this type of of tea before was delightfully happy and will for sure check out other flavors from this brand. I was a skeptical thinking it might be overly spicey or strong but found it to be just right and it smells great ( it sorts reminds me of Earl Gray). Benefits of drinking this tea include improving digestion & metabolism, naturally boost energy, and known to help with managing weight.

I found the particular flavor at hand to be strong as well as rich. It was full of flavor even when only seeping a bag for 1-2 minutes instead of the 3-5 that’s suggested. I’ve tried the tea both hot and cold and feel that it would be the perfect way to start your day. It’s also a great afternoon pick me up with an adequate amount of caffeine (less than coffee but more than in other teas).

Each box of tea comes with sixteen individually wrapped bags of tea which is good for space savings and ideal to take along with you wherever you may go. It also gives you tea that will stay fresher longer. I like that the box has a perforated edge so you can easily keep the bags inside the box too if you prefer.

This tea company is totally thinking of the environment as the tea is GMO-free, certified USDA organic, and the tea bags are biodegradable.
The box is printed with soy based ink. And if you’d like to know a little bit of the story behind the tea, you can read up on the box itself. An added bonus is that there’s a recipe printed on the inside of the box on how to make Cardamon Pu’erh Jelly by using the tea bags as well as other ingredients!

If interested in purchasing, the Cardamom Pu’erh Tea Bags can be purchased on individually or through the subscribe and save program for about $5.00 a box.

Disclosure: I received the Cardamom Pu’erh Tea Bags through Amazon Vine program  but no compensation has been received. All thoughts about the product are my own.