ANCO C-22-UB Contour Wiper Blade – 22″ {Guest Review by my Husband}


I’ve installed wipers a few times, and these were about the same as any … I fidget around for 5 minutes until I get it right and it slides on in 1.2 seconds. Someday I’ll get it right on the first try, but that’s no fault of the blade, I think. It also includes a doodad to make the blade fit on different types of fixtures. I did not need it.¬†

Where the blade doesn’t do well is it streaks. My best guess is it does not apply enough pressure on the right side against the windshield. I have a 2002 Cavalier. Perhaps on a different windshield with a different contour it would work better. Also to note, I couldn’t get it to rain, so I tested it with a hose. Take that into consideration as well.

I do like the look of the blade, and there are less areas for twigs and other doodles to get stuck in, which is a big plus around here under all the trees. Rubber coats the whole thing except where you connect it to the fixture.

I want to love this wiper blade, and I’ll use it until it passes as the streaks aren’t right in the middle of my view.

Check other reviews and see if someone has a car similar to yours if you don’t have a Cavalier to help make a better decision.

Disclosure: We received the above mentioned product through Amazon Vine program  but no other compensation has been received. All thoughts about the product are our own.