AmykeDesign – Vermont Handcrafted Natural Bath Beauty & Artisan Items


Old world art with a new world twist, lets go back to the basics! All Natural Handcrafted products that help improve your skin, hair and home! Each product is designed and crafted with pristine care and creativity! All products are handmade in Vermont and not tested on animals! All artwork and home accessories is created with natural elements in mind. See the Beauty in Nature and catch your reprieve! 

About Amyke Designs from Amy herself! 

I am mom of 5 and a small business owner. I love art, science, writing and creating new things. I am always striving to keep my house as natural as possible and free of chemicals and keep my kids thinking out side the box and imagining new possibilities. My products are all natural, mostly organic and are designed to meet specific needs or help with certain skin and hair issues. I have customers that are healthy and some battling cancer or other illnesses – I am blessed that I have been a me to create products that help better their lives! There is plenty of feedback on my site if you would like to see what others have thought of my products.


My Thoughts…

Amy has been ever so kind to have provided free samples of her products to my family in hopes to aid in the care of my son’s eczema ridden skin. The samples she sent along were Soft and Clear shampoo plus conditioner, Toast To You body butter, Butter and Oatmeal Soap, & Garden Party Laundry Soap.

I would highly recommend checking out her Etsy shop if you or someone you know is looking for all-natural chemical free bath and beauty products. She has a quite a number of products for those with skin irritation and conditions such as Eczema Psoriasis and Dermatitis ( though not limited too). You can request samples or to get this biggest savings, purchase the Hopes & Healing Basket or the Healing Helper Product Package to receive a selection of all her top products.

I really like the number of excellent feedback she’s received on her products! With any skin product I opt to bring into my home, I always read other customers experiences with it and those reviews often prompt me in making a decisions to pass or buy the product. And if that doesn’t sway you, the affordable priced sample packages are bound too.

Amy is always running specials and as happy to work with anyone whom maybe be looking for something custom. Check out her shop today and feel free to send her message if you have any questions! We’ve had good results with the products provided thus far and are aiming to keep these around in aiding my son’s eczema condition too.

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SPECIALS: Oils – buy 2 get 1 free… TEAS – buy 3 get one FREE …. Buy a shampoo and conditioner ( any variation) use ” 2FORU” and save $2!  

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned product but no other compensation has been received. All thoughts about the product are my own.