X-ACTO SharpX Performance Electric Pencil Sharpener {review}

If you are looking to sharpen many pencils quickly, you’ll be pleased with the X-ACTO SharpX Performance Electric Pencil Sharpener. One of it’s features is that this pencil sharpener allows you to sharpen multiple standard sizes of pencils, even triangular ones! This is a great feature for my family since we have younger children that use larger beginner sized pencils, removing any need for multiple sharpeners in our home.

X-ACTO SharpX Performance Electric Pencil Sharpener has section cup feet which isolates the noise of the sharpening. It also keeps the sharpener safely in place while it’s working. There’s a handy LED indicator light that comes on when the shavings receptacle is full. This is an awesome feature removing any need for you to constantly check and make your areas messy. We sharpened several packs of pencils and it took it quite sometime before the light came on but when it did, it surely was full. Note the receptacle is a good size and can hold a lot of shavings. This is good for an office or school setting for sure.

The X-ACTO fly-away cutter system stops sharpening when pencil is sharp so there is no fear of over sharpening or a piece of pencil lead getting stuck inside and jamming anything up. Each pencil we sharpened came out looking great! There were no weird edges or un-sharpened sides.

I know we’ll get lots of good use out of this sharpener as my daughter is quite the little artist. She goes through lots and lots of colored pencils and they are always needing re-sharpened. Highest recommendation for any school or office setting looking for a top notch pencil sharpener. Note that this one even has a ten year warranty!

Want it? The  X-ACTO SharpX Performance Electric Pencil Sharpener can be purchased for 38.66 and free shipping as of this posting.

Disclosure: I received the X-ACTO SharpX Performance Electric Pencil Sharpener through Amazon Vine program and no compensation to facilitate this review has been received. All thoughts about the product are my own.