Plus Motif Tablet Case Covers by Papier de Maison {Review}


I’ve been a tablet owner for a little over two months now. My Nexus Tablet used quite a bit for my blog writing, reading books, taking notes, responding to emails, watching movies, playing games, and more. It’s pretty much an extension of myself in our digital age. And I knew with my budding love of my tablet being constantly used, I needed a case for it. But not just any case, I wanted a case that is currently functional in many different ways as well as appealing to the eye. A girl has has to have her accessories! 

How thrilled I became when introduced to Plus Motif Tablet Case from Papier de Maison. These covers are currently available in four different sizes to accommodate many of the various e-readers and tablets on the market such as the iPad, iPad Mini, Kindle, & Android tablets. There are sixteen color options as well as seventy-two Motif Designs to custom make these covers personal to your very own likes and personal style.

What makes these covers unique is really the Motif Designs! They snap easily onto the cover and stay put! You can choose from so many different designs and I really like that! A girl doesn’t use the same purse for every season, so why should she have to buy a new tablet cover all the time? The Motifs are very reasonably priced and add that extra special personal touch.

The cover I’ve been using has made my life so much easier! The medium and large cases are tri-fold and inside there’s a notepad and a place for a stylus that doubles as a pen. I didn’t have a stylus previous too but thought that it was great that a 2-1 stylus that also is a traditional writing pen is included with each case.

I for a fact feel like my Nexus Tablet is protected inside my Plus Motif Tablet Case. The padding provides that security I’ve been wanting for my tablet. The magnetic closure snaps into place easily. And the elastic bands on the inside of the case have held my tablet strongly in place. The added notepad is something I didn’t think I would use that much but have found a need to write things down on paper more than not. So I’m really glad that there’s a place for one built into this case.

If you are right handed person or a left handed one, no worries, this case is easily interchangeable. The case also can set up the tablet in three different positions for numerous uses that you may have. Needing to prop it up to follow recipe, wanting to play a movie or tv show you love? You can do it all! Fun meets Stylish and both meet practicality with the Plus Motif Tablet cases.

The Plus Motif Tablet case I believe would be loved by those of all ages. Whether you are on the go to the workplace, the library, a vacation far from home by train plane, or bus, a coffee shop, or just to use at home this case I’m sure will suit your every need! I know I worry not about tossing my tablet into my purse or tote to bring along. And if not for yourself, think about how great a gift this would be for a graduate or a well appreciated Mom for Mother’s Day! And let’s not forget about Dad too!


Interested in Purchasing?

· The large case that fits the iPad case retails for $39.99 with Motif Designs for $5.99 each.
· The medium size fits the iPad mini retails for $34.99 with Motif Designs for $4.99 each.
· The small size fits eReaders retails for $29.99 with the Motif Designs for $3.99 each.
· There is also a journal that retails for $17.99 with the Motif Designs for $3.99 each.

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Disclaimer: I was sent the above mentioned product to review. This review is 100% my opinion and has not been edited or reviewed by anyone. I was not compensated in any other way for this product review.