Peeled Snacks Organic Apple Clusters, Cinnamon Crunch {Review}


My family and I agree that Peeled Snacks Organic Apple Clusters in Cinnamon Crunch flavor are the perfect snack to pack with a lunch, throw in some yogurt, or to take along when on the go! I wasn’t surprised in the bit that my kids age 4 and 2 years old loved these since we often make our own dehydrated apple snacks at home always opting for healthier options in whatever we eat or snack on.

Each package has four servings so for my family a bag is completely eaten in one sitting. The clusters are round little balls about the size of a penny. The flavor of these snacks is very delicious. The Apple flavor is very prominent and the cinnamon is light and not over powering. The bite is more of a crunchy one yet when chewing it just about melts in your mouth. They aren’t sticky in the least bit so they’ve become a favorite snack to take along on car rides or outings for my kids!

These snacks are completely gluten free which is great for people whom can’t eat that type of thing or are trying to avoid it for various health reasons. Also nothing to worry about either as this product is 100% organic. Ingredients include : “Organic apples, organic apple juice concentrate, organic potato starch and organic cinnamon”. No need for sugar at all. The Organic Apple Juice is enough to make a sweet tasting snack enjoyed by young and old.

Overally 5 out 5 stars from my family! This is an organic snack option that we will most definitely be purchasing again! We are also looking forward to trying this companies other flavors of snacks out too!

Want it? – Peeled Snacks Organic Apple Clusters, Cinnamon Crunch can be purchased for $3.55 a bag as of this posting on Be sure to check your local grocer for these too!

Disclaimer: I was sent the above mentioned product to review. This review is 100% my opinion and has not been edited or reviewed by anyone. I was not compensated in any other way for this product review.