Pantone: Color Cards – 18 Oversized Flash Cards {Review}


Pantone Color Cards to date are my favorite color learning flash cards for children! They are eye catching, playful, innovative, and simply irresistible! Being a graphic designer myself with a love for bold colors and a fresh take to design, I appreciate these cards greatly and probably would have even opted for set whether I had children or not.

In the set of Pantone Color Cards are 18 over sized board book heavy color cards which feature 2 tones of each of the 9 basic colors. Example of this are Lollipop Purple as well as Lilac Purple. On each card front there’s a swatch of color, the name of color, and the Pantone number for each of the shades. On the backside of the card there’s a patterned illustration which invites children to compare and contrast the different shades of the cards color. There’s even an answers card to the cleverly fun color contrasting exercise included.

Not only I can sing praises of this set but my two young children adore it as well. I’m teaching my two year son colors right now and this has been a wonderful learning tool! My son not only get to learn the basic colors but he gets to learn all about shades too! No worries of these cards getting torn or overly worn. They are very durable and will last for years to come, possibly even long enough to share with my own grandkids one day.

I highly recommend Pantone Color Cards for those of all ages. It’s a wonderful learning tool, a conversation starter, and a work of art all by itself to display proudly in your home.

If interested, you can purchase Pantone: Color Cards: 18 Oversized Flash Cards for $13.45 as of the posting and it’s also eligible for free shipping.

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