Our Easter Weekend

2013-03-301We had a wonderful Easter weekend. We couldn’t have asked for more beautiful weather and warm Spring temperatures!

On Saturday, we enjoyed a park that we had never been to before. Our town is full of them and I by chance was checking my face book news feed and saw a photo of it posted. I then got on Google Maps and found it was only a couple of miles from us. A fun little secret park between neighborhoods with fun walking trails, bridges, various playground equipment, and super long slide that goes down a hill!  We hid eggs for the kids there and they had a blast finding them and exploring a new place. Mommy ended up getting a little too much sunshine though… and I forgot to pack a hat for myself. Did I mention it was almost 80 degrees out?

On Sunday morning, we went to church and were reminded the reason we celebrate this Holiday is because our Lord and Savior paid the price for us all. We later partook in an afternoon Easter Lunch at the kids Grandparents home. I whipped up a Waldorf Salad over the weekend as well a mashed Rutabagas for sides! I’ll be posting the recipes for those a little later this month on my blog.  I hope to post more salad recipes here that can be eaten as sides, lunch, or as a full meal. When the warmer weather hits, I don’t do much baking and am always looking to serve my family lighter quick yet still healthy meals.

Speaking of Spring, it’s April! And that means we’ll be making a trip to the Wooden Shoe Tulip field very soon! I can’t wait and it’s all my daughter has been talking about lately.  Not sure when we’ll be going but sometime between now and the end of the month. I do know this weekend we’ll be visiting the Myth Busters exhibit at OMSI and a little later this month a Soccer Game in Portland! This is if everything goes as planned.  We are so blessed to be surrounded by the beauty of the Oregon area and there’s so many fun things to do with the family.