Diego Rivera: An Artist for the People

DiegoRiveraDiego Rivera offers young readers unique insight into the life and artwork of the famous Mexican painter and muralist. The book follows Rivera’s career, looking at his influences and tracing the evolution of his style. His work often called attention to the culture and struggles of the Mexican working class. Believing that art should be for the people, he created public murals in both the United States and Mexico, examples of which are included. The book contains a list of museums where you can see Rivera’s art, a historical note, a glossary, and a bibliography.

I found this book to be a a well-written biography of artist Diego Rivera. The book is very easily read in a narrative format. I didn’t feel that readers would get fatigued or overwhelmed at all in reading through. I believe that the full color photos of inspirational art as well as personal pieces and photos of the the artist  are sure to perk the interest of the reader.

This book focuses mainly on Diego Rivera as an artist without much looking into his personal life. There’s plenty of history featured and expressed about his artwork as well as the impact it had on others, some even invoked controversy.

Overall, I found the book a good read that was very informative, and quite thought provoking. I enjoyed seeing the artist works and to know what inspired them. I will likely use this book in my homeschooling for my children as they reach the age recommended for the title, which is late elementary. A great resource for learning about Rivera’s artistic career and a good choice if you are studying different artist!

Diego Rivera: An Artist for the People can be purchase on Amazon.com for $15.80 as of this posting.


Disclosure: I received Diego Rivera: An Artist for the People  from Abrams Books for Young Readers but no compensation has been received. All thoughts about the product are my own.