Owen’s First Time down the Big Boy Slide…and more!

Happy 26 months old this weekend to Owen! Just this month so many big things have taken place concerning him. He’s finally accepted moving out of Mom and Dad’s room and into a room shared with his sister. This action is to be praised much. Mom and Dad get better sleep and this push has produced more independence for him. We still have a few nights here and there of not wanting to go but what kid doesn’t try to fight bed time?

He’s begun taking a real interest in coloring pictures and totally loves coloring books. So thrilled about that because now the stack of his sister coloring books ( which she doesn’t care for since she likes drawing and coloring her own creations)  will be used instead of staying stored away in the closet gathering dust.

He’s been using lots of different puzzles for his homeschooling. He loves all sorts of puzzles and can very easily do anything under 50 pieces rather quickly. I’ve started giving him harder puzzles to keep it challenging.  And speaking of schooling, he’ll be using Kumon books in the next week or so. He’s shown quite an interest in wanting to have his own school books just like his sister. And I so love his enthusiasm and the fact that there are some great work books out there for two year olds too!

Outdoor love = getting dirty, exploring every little thing, and begging to go outside quite often. He’ll randomly put on his rain boots during the day and ask to go out for a walk. I’m so happy that Spring is well on it’s way and that we’ll be exploring and enjoying the warmer temperatures as much as possible!

Big Boy Slide was accomplished this week! He has been a bit wary of larger slides only a few weeks ago and today when we took him to the park he went right up without any fear at all! Glad I had the camera to capture this accomplishment.

This mom is hoping the next big thing to brag about will be getting potty trained! *crossing my fingers!*