Getting Ready for Spring and a Weekend Trip to Ikea


When after church we decided to make a trip to IKEA yesterday, the kids were thrilled! The kids love going to Ikea just as much as me and who could blame them. Ikea is a fun place with great food and wonderfully affordable furniture and accessories to make your home unique to you and a lot more organized! I love being able to get what I need without going over our budget and would highly recommend if you live close to an IKEA to make a trip! I promise, you won’t be disappointed.


In the picture above is the start to my kitchen herb garden! I’m really excited about getting it started. And the pots that are pictured I scored on sell at IKEA for a 25 cents each! I like the colors too as they are very spring-ish.  Herbs I plan on starting in the weeks to come are Basil. Cilantro, Dill, Chives, and Oregano. I might nab a few more pots and packets of seeds but have not decided what else I’d like to add to my culinary collection.  I also plan on letting the kids grow a few things and we also are in the works for collecting what we need for an awesome worm farm ( I know…fun right?!)!


After being married over six years now, I decided it was time to get a new set of glasses. Quite frankly all the ones I got when we first got married have dwindled in getting broken over time (most times dropped in the sink!). Are these black and white glasses chic and kinda retro looking? I love them and they were $6.99 for the whole set! Not bad, if do say so myself.


My first tea pot ( at 28 years old, you’d think I’d already had one!)! It’s basic but it’s very sturdy and will match any mug. And the platter it’s on I just had to nab. I love the simple tea and coffee cup design. It brings me such comfort to relax with a cup of coffee or tea whether in the morning, noon time, or evening hours. And why not splurge a little to celebrate that and everything it represents?


Easter…Can you believe it’s coming up in only 27 more days?  I remember our last Easter so vividly with the bright sunshine, warm weather, and delicious meal followed by an egg hunt at the park as well as our traditional egg dying ventures!  Iknow the kids will enjoy this one just as much whether rain or shine. I’ve already been making preparations, while at Ikea we grabbed some Easter candy for ourselves and the kids. We love checking out the Ikea food section, they have a great selection and everything we’ve tried from their has been pretty tasty.

The weekend was pretty busy but going to Ikea to get a few things was actually relaxing even though the item we went there for was out of stock and we forget to make sure the kids new bedroom night light we picked up had a bulb. Oops!