Corsair Vengeance 2000 Wireless 7.1 Gaming Headset {Guest Review}


Guest Review by: Justin Lowmaster

I thought I had some good headphones, then I got a pair of Corsair wireless ones. I loaded up Star Trek Online, and I heard noises I had never heard before in the game!

My first experience with the wireless was a little spotty, I got interference quite frequently, and all audio stopped for a few seconds now and then. I had the dongle on the front of my computer. I used the included extension cord and plugged it in the back of my computer and put the dongle near my monitor and I now have only infrequent interference. A lot less then I had issue with the cord on my previous set of headphones. The range is plenty good.

They are very comfortable, and fit fully over my ears, rest of my head, and dampen external sounds. They don’t get uncomfortable with extended use normally, and if they do, I just reseat them and all is well again.

Charging the headset is easy, just plug in the USB cord. You can wear them and use them while plugged in if you have to. There are helpful blinking lights so you know when it is charging, or charged, or needs charged,

There is a large button on the side to turn them off and on by holding it down for a few seconds. There is also a spinning volume control accessibly located on the left earpiece under the power button. The mic tilts up and down nicely. It’s stiff, not bendy, which I like. Might break off, however, if struck or bent abnormally. I didn’t test that out, obviously.

The drivers rotate sideways which makes it a lot easier to store the headphones, even if just setting them down on a flat surface (or the precarious paper pile that is my desk).

The sound quality is fantastic. From the bass to the treble, I can hear the rich soundscapes of games, to the many ranges in music.


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