Buck Denver asks…What’s in the Bible Volume 1 “In the Beginning” {review}


If you’ve been wanting to find a fun, inventive, and exciting way to teach your children all about the Bible, you must check out the “Buck Denver asks…What’s in the Bible?” Dvds! Those familiar with Veggie Tales will be pleased to know that is collection was created by none other than Phil Vischer! After viewing these DVD’s personally, I’d say they are great for children of all ages and even for their parents. I’m not ashamed to admit that I even learned a thing or two!

In What’s in the Bible? Volume 1: In the Beginning, viewers will learn all about the book of Genesis! Viewers can expect puppets skits, questions and answers of all kinds, terms and concepts are explained, and the show never drags. It’s quick paced but enough to still learn and understand what’s going on.

Wondering the length of this feature? On this DVD you can expected two episodes that are 25 minutes long each. I like that this is split up as I can use one episode per unit study in educating my children. There are also some great bonus features that include a story about kindness in which my kids loved!

In the beginning of the DVD (part 1) it was explained how the Bible came to be! Where the Bible came from was a question my 4 1/2 year old daughter had recently and thanks to What’s in the Bible, she got all the information about the how’s and the whats! Like how the Bible is the most translated, influential, best selling book in the world!

There was section of real kids answering the question about what they thought the Bible is! I loved hearing their answers and so did my kids! They then looked about how the Bible can be explained scientifically. It was all really fascinating and done really well!

Part two of the DVD, viewers learn more about the Bible, like who wrote it, who translated it, and much more. We are then educated about the beginning of creation, the story of Adam & Eve, Noah and the Ark, and the Tower of Babel is covered in a way kids could understand with puppets, flash animations, and catchy songs.

Overall, my family loved What’s in the Bible Volume 1! We are excited to start collecting all the DVD’s and are looking forward to learning more about God and the Bible together


Since I’m using that What’s in the Bible series along with other things to teach my children about the Bible in my home school curriculum, I was very pleased with all the fantastic extras and bonuses found on the What’s in the Bible website to use and incorporate into my teaching!

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