Book Review: Octopus Soup by Mercer Mayer



Mercer Mayer has done a wonderful job with Octopus Soup. This particular story has been a hit with my son and daughter, ages 4 1/2 and 2 years old. First off, any purchaser should know that this book has no words. The colorful and very detailed pictures do an excellent job in explaining the story all on its own.

In this adventure, the reader follows the story of a young octopus whom gets a little to curious about a fisherman’s line and almost ends up…you guessed it, Octopus soup in a restaurant! The story was adventurous and it ended well. My entire family has spent fair amount of examining each of the pictures to find something new each time we’ve looked.

This hasn’t been a top pick for bedtime stories with my kids but they really have enjoyed looking at it together during other the times of the day. I sometimes try to get them to tell me what’s happening in each of the pictures and maybe what each character might be thinking or what would they do if they saw an octopus trying to escape back to the ocean! It’s a great conversation starter and just a fun book to look out whether at home, in a waiting room, or during a long trip!

Want it? Octopus Soup can be purchased on the Kindle for 3.99 or in hardcover for 12.74.  This book is great for boys as well as girls. You can view inside the book on Amazon too!

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