“Humble Heart: A book of Virtues” by Amy Meyer Allen {Book Review}


I’d been looking for a book for awhile now that could help me teach my children character building skills and biblical virtues. Not just any book though, I wanted something with likeable characters and that was also colorfully eye catching to all kids. The readability also needed to be high and the comprehension of the words written simple to understand. I was pleased to find an existing book such as this in Amy Meyer’s Humble Heart: Book of Virtues.

The virtues found in this book are Humility, Love, Thoughtfulness, Faithfulness, Mercy, Encouragement, Comfort, Courage, and Joy. Each virtue is represented by a separate Humble Bumble character. The characters are really cute and you’ll find those such as Felicity the Frog, Lancelot Lion, Carolina Cat, Daniel Dog, and several others.

At the end of each virtuous character story, there’s a Bible Verse that’s taken from the New Living Translation Bible. The included Bible Verses could be used at home or in a classroom setting as verses for young children to memorize! The stories are short but not overly. There’s plenty of bright bold illustrations to display what’s being read accurately and that’s key in any child geared book.

My son age 2 and my daughter age 4 1/2 years old really like this book. They’ve asked at bedtime for it several nights in a row. I like having a question time after we’ve read one of the virtue stories. It’s been interesting to hear their thoughts and examples of ways they could act the virtue read out for themselves or to give an example of a time that they did. This is a great book and I recommend it highly!

Want it?  You can purchase a hardcover copy of Humble Heart: A Book of Virtues on Amazon.com for $10.79 and it’s eligible for free shipping. You can even take a sneak peak inside!

DISCLOSURE: A complimentary copy was provided by Tyndale Blog Network on behalf of the publisher, Tyndale Kids, and the author, Amy Meyer Allen, in exchange for my honest review. Opinions expressed are solely my own.