How we spent the last day of January 2013!

One thing I do tend to love about Oregon is that we mainly get mild winters. Yesterday it was about fifty degrees and not raining out so I decided it was time to get the kids outdoors to play and explore for a bit and they had quite the time.


Owen investigating a lively little earth worm making it’s way across the asphalt ground.

There were lots of crows around and Owen, from the swing is looking up at them in the trees as they caw and crow away at each other.

Melody was checking out a destroyed tree stump.
Didn’t seem to be much life about it but I bet if a few layers were pulled away there would be quite a bit.

I discovered a skeleton of a leaf. How beautiful even going back into the earth which it came can totally be! The pattern and texture is totally captivating and awe inspiring.

Melody and Owen started collecting downed pine needles, twigs, acorns, rocks, and other things they found to make  houses for fairies and little bug friends.

I snapped this great shot of Melody. She’s grown up so much from just this time last year. And if you’ll note the pink hat. She has informed me she still likes all the colors of the rainbow but her favorite is pink  instead of purple now. (I’m wondering if that’ll change or not?)

Owen loved riding the rocket bouncer at the park. He kept freaking me out riding it without holding on. He must’ve loved my reaction because he kept doing it. Boys can be so daring, aye?

This is a fun swing! The kids held on tight and which I’m glad! There was a huge mud puddle beneath it! That wouldn’t have been fun to clean off them!

And to end our visit to the park, each of the kids got to go across this device ( with Dad’s help of course).  Looking forward to more trips to the park or rain or shine if it stays warm enough. This is Oregon, you kinda have to embrace the wet, overcast, soggy days, or you’ll be cooped up practically all year. And hey that’s why rain gear was invented!