Owen’s First Hair Cut


P1070585I finally, after much of putting off and overwhelming thoughts I would loose my baby boys soft sweet curls forever took a pair of scissors to his hair. I had to, it was getting to the point where it would get knots in it and I was spending quite a bit of time making his hair look presentable before we went out ( even more time spent on him than on Melody’s hair….).  And since it’s been cold he’s been wearing knit hats which have often left his sweet curls flattened out and his hair left pretty undesirable looking. Flat wispy and sorta straggly hair looks good on no one.

On January 2nd, 2013 around 4pm, I cut Owen’s hair for the first time. I started out by strapping him into his green Prince Lionheart bebePOD so as to keep him in one place. I then gave him our Leapfrog Fridge Alphabet Toy along with just about the whole alphabet to go with. This toy kept him happy the whole time.  Having a distraction is key when cutting or lightly trimming hair (and why not have something fun an educational to do?) !

Oh the cutting and the watching of his curls fall around him as I cut a little more here and little more there. I was regretting cutting it the whole time. I kept asking my husband to come and do the back where most of all of his curls were very prominent. My husband refused and said something about we didn’t want him to start looking like a little girl.  When I began I decided to cut it wet. I used a spray bottle to keep his hair from drying too quickly. I started on the sides then the middle and at last the back. I left his bangs.

P1070604-001I wasn’t sure what I thought about his cut. And even a day later, I’m still getting used to it. But overall I’m thinking it looks much better and this morning we had no knots to comb out. Plus it helped me out when Owen said “Mommy, I like my hair” while combing it himself in the mirror.

The next time I cut it will be much easier for me. It wasn’t hard at all. He didn’t move too much. And now all I will have to do is shape it up. As for ever taking him to get it cut professionally, I don’t think we’ll go that route (especially since it went so well this time). In fact, I decided to do it at home because I knew it would be more comfortable for him plus it saved us a good amount of money too.

I think this big boy hair cut was due and just a week shy of his second birthday. My little boy isn’t quite so much a baby anymore. Oh gosh, they grow up so fast.

So Moms (or Dads) what do you think of the before and the after cut I gave my son? Also feel free to share about your childs (or children’s first hair cut!).