Happy 2nd Birthday Owen!


Happy Birthday Day Owen! It’s hard to believe you are turning two today. The days turning to months and the months turning to years seemed to go by ever so quickly. It’s been such a joy seeing you transform from a baby to full fledged toddler who is fully capable of whatever you set your mind to do.

Playing in the dirt, throwing balls, climbing, jumping, you are full of so much energy and totally fit the pails, snails and puppy dog tails saying of what every little boy is made of. You are cautious but once you try it a few times, there’s no stopping you.  You are a good little brother and tend to have patience with others and can sit for hours playing with your large puzzles, innotab, or with your train set.

You are quite verbal and can totally chime in when it’s called for! You still enjoy cuddling with mommy and getting hugs from sister and Daddy even though you’ve become such a big boy. Just to see how far you’ve come, you’ve completely impressed us by leaps and bounds!  We only wonder what you’ll be doing and how’ve you will have changed by this time next year.

Happy Birthday Owen, we love you very much and hope that 2 is just as wonderful as 1!