Happy Birthday to Me!

2013-01-14I turned 28 on Sunday. 28… wow! If I looked forward 5-6 years ago, I wouldn’t have guessed I’d be working from home, caring for not one but two of my own kids, will have moved 4 times, in the beginning stages of homeschooling, grown quite a love for blogging, and have become quite the little knitter. And today as I look back, I’ll say that time goes by too quickly and though through the good and the bad that I am very blessed with an everlastingly wonderful God, a caring and considerate husband, a loving bunch of kids, and a supporting number of friends and family members. And with all those blessings, I know that I’ll be able to handle whatever this year and many more bring.

Birthdays are officially over in our house at least till March and May. It was quite a bit more planning and work so soon after Christmas that I know I’ll have to try to plan ahead on the January birthdays a bit sooner than I did. But my son just turned two and I really don’t want to think about him turning 3 yet. He’s my little guy and he’s changing and becoming a big boy ever so quickly. I want to cherish and remember these moments while they are here each day. So I tend not to want to look so far ahead. Can you blame me? Especially since I am thinking that we’ll only be having two children total and no more. That is unless God has other plans for us.

We have a tradition that one whomever is having a birthday in our home that we make a special dinner! This year my husband opted to make me Swai, Battered Shrimp, and Asian Bbq Stir Fry. For dessert I had an eggnog cheesecake! Everything was delicious.

Overall, I had a nice quite, mellow day and that was much desired after a pretty busy week.  Also presents were appreciated from my Mother in Love and Sister in love too 🙂 I got a brand new pair of Sloggers Houndstooth Rainboots and some new baking pans! Very blessed because I needed both those things. Now I can whip any cake up and be prepared for whatever wet weather Oregon brings my way! Yay!