December at a glance

What a month we’ve had with parties, random stomach flus, trips to special places like the zoo and aquarium, Christmas Eve Service and celebrations with family and friends! I haven’t been very vocal over here lately and have finally found some time to sit down and share some of the fun things we’ve been doing together. 2012-12-05
The kids had great fun this year helping make and bake our traditional Gingerbread cookies!  I’m glad I had more than one rolling pin because if BIG SISTER is doing it, little brother wants to do it too! We made three batches to enjoy among ourselves as well as to share with family and friends! Three batches is more than I typically make but next year I know to make a much larger batch instead of splitting it up into three different ones. I also think with both kids being a little older that i might opt to do a Christmas Gingerbread House and possibly a train too! 2012-12-18Since my daughter Melody knew Winter was to arrive any day she’s been anticipating snow! We don’t often get snow in the area where we live in Oregon but if we wanted to get out in it, we’d only have to drive 30 minutes to an hour down the road toward the mountains. To our surprise we did get just a wee bit! And it made our Christmas Eve Church that much more memorable  as we arrived it started snowing big fat fluffy flakes! Who knows, maybe we’ll get some more before the season is over.

2012-12-051So, I’ve had people ask what my kids got for Christmas and what they’ve still been pretty much been engaged with hours and days after receiving it. My daughter Melody received arts and crafts kits, a Nintendo DS with a few games,  Pinypon toys, a Tinkerbell make up kit (she loves make up!) and a couple of Beanie Boos.  I’m pleased to say she’s still been very interested in them all! When she’s not playing her DS from her Grandpa, she’s pretty much making up little stories and games with her PinyPons most of the time so far.

My son Owen whom is turning 2 in a couple of weeks got lots of Thomas the Tank Engine things! He loves trains and anything Thomas the Tank Engine. He got board books, a farm train,an Innotab Thomas game, a train track set from IKEA, and lots of Thomas the Tank Engine Wooden Collection engines and diesels. He loves everything and his been playing with his trains for a very long amount of time! He’s not one to play with a toy for very long so I was pleasantly surprised to see how much he loves his train set.


I still can’t believe Christmas has come and gone for 2012. I had so much more fun this year making it special for the kids and wished it could have lasted just a bit longer!  We made cookies, special felt, foam and perler bead decorations, sang songs, read stories, enjoyed movies and cartoons, and had some great foods and desserts together! I haven’t decided when the tree is coming down. But for sure  it’ll have to before the upcoming Birthdays in January (mine and Owen will be turning 2!).