Review: Thomas & Friends: Thomas & Charlie 24 Piece Floor Puzzle!

My son whom is about to turn two in only a couple of months has grown to really love Thomas the Tank Engine! And with that I knew for his Christmas and his Birthday coming up, that Thomas would be a fantastic choice in catering toward his new love of trains! As he’s getting older, I’ve been introducing him to new types of toys and activities that can improve his fine motor skills and logical thinking. And what’s better a way for both than the use of puzzles. And what’s an even more fun puzzle for my son to use? That’s right, a Thomas the Tank Engine one!

My family and I enjoy Ravensburger games quite a bit. We’ve always found this company to be of the very best quality and all the games and products we have from them have provided for a good time always. I was thrilled when I found out that they offer all sorts of puzzles for every member of the family!

We were sent the Thomas & Friends: Thomas & Charlie 24 Piece Floor Puzzle to review and spotlight during the Holiday season. This puzzle has been a absolute hit with both my nearly 2 year old son and my 4 1/2 year old daughter. I found the pieces to be extremely durable and they were large enough for my children’s little hands to handle with ease.

I love that both my kids have enjoyed this puzzle quite a bit. My daughter was able to put together this puzzle all on her own easily. My son whom is younger had a bit of trouble so I helped him find the right pieces and he easily put them in the right place. The puzzle is very colorful and the playability factor to use over and over again has happened quite a bit for us.

I would highly recommend this puzzle and other’s from Ravenburger. Puzzles are great educational tool in promoting the development of fine motor skills, association, task completion and independent play. We also thought it was pretty cool that the puzzle box itself is shaped like Thomas the Tank Engine as well!

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