Review & Giveaway: Sound it Out Word World 2-disc DVD

My son age 1 3/4 and daughter age 4 1/2 years old love Word World! And what’s not to love, it’s a show that in my opinion demonstrates that learning to read can be so much fun! Word World teaches children letter sounds, how to build words, rhyme, and much more through encouraging stories and song. It’s really awesome how it gives children a visual in how letters come together to form words. Both my children learn visually so this set has been a total joy to have.

On Sound it Out, there are over three hours of play to be had split up between two 90 minute discs. On each disc there are about 7 to 8 episodes as well as some special bonus content. A speaking of special content, there’s even a fun little poster included with the DVD that you can hang up in your child’s room.

Here’s a list of which episodes are in this collection:

Disc 1

* Dog Wants to Play Ball
* Pl-Pl-Plane
* Pig’s Big Moonlight Feast
* Snug as a Bug
* A Star is Born
* Mail Mix Up
* Playing Spies

Disc 2

* Dog’s Camping Adventure
* Sh-Sh Shark
* Back on Track
* Princess Sheep
* Boppin’ with the Bug Band
* Duck’s Family Reunion
* Pirate Ship
* Get Your Coat

The stories were all different in theme and plot and each were a lot of fun. I like how my kids were learning about more than just about letters and how to put them together. But there’s also good moral stories about sharing, friendship, solving problems, and so much more! I would highly recommend this collection and urge you to pick up a copy during the Holiday season upon us!

Buy it: You can purchase Word World: Sound It Out on for $19.99 and it’s eligible for free super saver shipping!

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