Our Thanksgiving Holiday Recap

What a wonderful Thanksgiving we had this past week. I used the upcoming Holiday to incorporate crafts for  my son and daughter to do as well as share stories about why we celebrate the Holiday itself and things that we are and should be appreciative of all year round.

We had our Thanksgiving meal at my in-laws home which saved me from having to host and feeling obligated to make most of the dinner. First our place is pretty small so hosting about 13-14 people would have been slightly chaotic and we all would have been a little too close together (I’m claustrophobic and slightly panic and go into a bit of anxiety when surrounded by too many people in a small area!) So, if anything to be thankful for, I’m glad the big family get together was hosted elsewhere though if I had a large place, I wouldn’t have minded.

Our Thanksgiving meal was very traditional, there was turkey, cranberry sauce, olives, pies, green bean casserole, and a few more things. My kids got to sit at a table put together just for them by their Aunt. Though my kids didn’t each much at all except over indulging in Olives they appreciated their own little spot. Who can blame the kids though? At almost any event, my kids appetites drop and they’d rather be off playing or seeing what everyone else is doing…happens a lot and I’m sure I’m not the only parent whoms kids do that.

Overall we had a good Thanksgiving this year. I think I did an okay job in letting the kids know the why’s and how of Thanksgiving. They both even got to see the Thanksgiving Charlie Brown Special for the first time as well as being read the Bernstein Bears Give Thanks book!

On Sunday, our church had a special evening Thanksgiving service that I really enjoyed that was filled with prayer, worship and thanksgiving.  The biggest thing that stuck out for me is that we really do need to take time to stop and meditate on the Word of God. It was even mentioned that this act was becoming a lost art sadly.  It’s made me stop through out the day and just give thanks to God even when things seems to be going wrong and to meditate on his Words in scripture.