DVD Review & Giveaway: Hot Potatoes! The Best of The Wiggles

It finally happened, both my children are head over heels for The Wiggles! My daughter Melody discovered The Wiggles when she was two years old and has been enjoying all of their shows both new and old up to her current age of 4 1/2! And my son Owen, whom just turned 22 months old today has set another favorite show behind him for awhile (Yo Gabba Gabba) and has taken a real liking to The Wiggles. He loves watching, singing, and dancing along and would watch them all day long if I let him!

I’d been adding Wiggles DVD’s to my collection and must talk about one of our favorites called Hot Potatoes! The Best of The Wiggles. This particular DVD features a collection of their 35 favorite songs including “Wake Up Jeff!”, “Get Ready To Wiggle”, “The Monkey Dance” and “Rock-A-Bye Your Bear.” Each song is instantly memorable and will have children wiggling and singing in seconds…I know we were!
Hot Potatoes! The Best of The Wiggles DVD includes the following songs:

1. Hot Potato * 2. Can You (Point Your Fingers And Do The Twist?) * 3. Fruit Salad * 4. Rock-A-Bye Your Bear * 5. Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car * 6. Wake Up Jeff! * 7. Wiggly Party * 8. Captain Feathersword Fell Asleep On His Pirate Ship (Quack Quack) * 9. Wiggle Bay * 10. The Monkey Dance * 11. Get Ready To Wiggle * 12. Go Santa Go * 13. Dorothy (Would You Like To Dance?) * 14. Ooh It’s Captain Feathersword * 15. Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport * 16. Dressing Up * 17. Move Your Arms Like Henry * 18. Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles! * 19. Do The Owl * 20. The Zeezap Song * 21. Play Your Guitar With Murray * 22. Rockin’ Santa! * 23. To Have A Tea Party * 24. Here Come The Chicken * 25. Getting Strong! * 26. Murray Had A Turtle * 27. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star * 28. I’m Dorothy The Dinosaur! * 29. You Make Me Feel Like Dancing * 30. Dr Knickerbocker * 31. The Shimmie Shake! * 32. Over In The Meadow * 33. Wags The Dog Is Chasing His Tail * 34. Monkey Man * 35. Hot Poppin’ Popcorn

• Interview with The Wiggles’ Mums
• Original Wiggles Film Clips from 1991 – Rock A Bye Your Bear & Here Comes A Bear
• The Woman Who Signed The Wiggles!
• Latin American Wiggles Film Clip – Can You (Point Your Fingers And Do The Twist?)
• Taiwanese Wiggles Film Clip – The Monkey Dance
• Growing Up With The Wiggles (Fairy Clare & Fairy Larissa)
• Competition Winners’ Drawings
• Wiggletime.com Info Clip
• Photo Gallery

There’s so much fun crammed on this DVD it’s a must have for any Wiggles fan both new and old! Here’s to celebrating 20 years and we hope that there’s many more. Don’t just take my word for it, check it out for yourself! Just be warned their songs will get stuck in your head but at least they are a lot of fun and not super annoying like some kid stuff out there!

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