Have you heard about Unreal Candy?

Have you heard about Unreal candy? I hadn’t until just recently but I must say I’m pretty impressed with all the benefits it claims to have. There are no GMOs, partially hydrogenated oils, corn syrups, artificial flavors, colorings, or preservatives. Sugar content has also been reduced by over 40% per saving on average. Also, all the ingredient are said to be responsibly sourced.

I was sent a coupon to try one of the five candies they apparently have available for purchase.The candy we opted to try out was the UN54 (compareable to Peanut M&M’s). We found the candy to taste quite different but it was not lacking in flavor. Both my kids really enjoyed splitting up the bag of candy at their snack time.

As a mom, I’m always looking for healthy alternatives to snacks for my kids and this company has hit the nail straight on the head. A good healthy snack without all the sugar and other un-needed additives. A total win! We are totally looking forward to trying the other offerings of this brand soon!

If you are looking to get your family unjunked this Halloween season ( but not limited too!), now you can with Unreal Candy which can be given as treats or used in seasonal recipes!

UNREAL products are now available in 18,000 stores nationwide, including CVS, Walgreens and Kroger, and will be available in more than 30,000 retailers by mid Fall, with suggested retail prices ranging from $.89 to $1.29 for individual bars and $4.99 for the family sized bags.

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Disclosure: I was a sent a coupon for one bag of Unreal Candy in exchange for my thoughts.