CD Review: The Colored Pencil Factory by Astrograss

If you love exposing your children to different genres of music, you might want to check out some good ole’ bluegrass both new and old with a mix of Eastern European folk music from the children’s band ( though not limited too!) Astrograss! This band recently released their third album of traditional and orginal, imaginative, adventurous, and all around feel good tunes on the 16th of this month.

Two years in the making, The Colored Pencil Factory presents a living document in song, showing how a traditional art form like bluegrass can speak of the joys, dreams, and even the troubles of today’s kids in a musical language saturated with cultural history. Notes Astrograss’s Jordan Shapiro, “I believe that bluegrass music, and all American folk music, is essential listening for kids, and I also believe that the purity of the music is important. We made The Colored Pencil Factory without the use of any amplifiers, drums, pedals, or ‘effects.’ We recorded the album in our fiddle player’s living room and played the songs just the way we’d play them at a park or in a kitchen. It’s pure, organic, natural Americana.

There are a total of 16 songs on The Colored Pencil Factory. Traditional toe tapping songs include those such as “Shortenin’ Bread”, “Cluck Old Hen”, “and “Sail Away Ladies” to name just a few. Other songs that caught our fancy have been Minutes to Flowers, Happy Sad and More Song, and my kids were pretty grossed out but throughly enjoyed hearing Brand New Nose (a song about a head cold). The lyrics are fun, they draw you in, and tell a story. The music is rich and wholesome. The instruments are distinct in play and I just love really hearing each take the stage all on its own in a fun lively way. It just doesn’t get much better than that in a children’s music album, in my opinion. I’m totally looking forward to this bands next album!

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If interested in purchasing, you can find the mp3 album as well as a physical copy of the project of the Colored Pencil Factory on Think great music year round but great for gifting during the upcoming Holidays too!

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