Review: International Arrivals “bringing fun to your school day”

Just because work and school can be boring doesn’t mean your stationery supplies have to be! International Arrivals brings fun to your office and school day with their line of stationery items.

Established in 2005, International Arrivals was inspired by former Barnes & Noble buyer Carol Tyner.  With the ingenious idea to create fun and practical supplies for adults and children, International Arrivals has produced clever products such as scented pens, pencils and markers to pencil sharpeners, paper clips and journals, among many other stationery supplies.

Gathering attention from magazines such as O Magazine, Woman’s Day and Real Simple, International Arrivals is paving the way for imaginative writing instruments and stationery supplies.  Check out what all the hype is about at

Our Thoughts…

Both my children were extremely happy when I opened up a box full of unique and fun school supplies  for them to enjoy and use daily during their 2012 school year from International Arrivals. Some of the awesome supplies we received were sweet smelling gourmet Smencils, fuzzy wuzzy and sparkle pencils, jumbo sized markers, self sharpening crayon sticks, candy shaped erasers, rulers, and a few more things!

I think receiving special school supplies to use through out the school year nurtures and shows a big part of your child’s personality.  My four year old daughter for instance, choose the school supplies out of those we were sent to review that I thought portrayed her perfectly. She’s a very happy, extroverted child, she loves the color purple, and anything that sparkles. She right away went straight for the purple sparkle pencils and the purple colored ruler. Once she found out the other pencils and erasers smelled  uniquely different she couldn’t wait to use them and show them off to everyone she came in contact with.

My 20 month son who really loves drawing right now,  enjoyed using the Chunky Monkey set of 10 markers. These markers cover every color needed to create a masterpiece. My son had no issues holding and using these to draw. I like that they come in a clear storable container and that the lids of the markers are easy to take off and put back on.

Out of everything we received, I was really tickled with the Color Appeel crayon sticks! These awesome crayon sticks peel to sharpen, keeping them ready to use without the hassle of digging out your pencil or crayon sharpener to continue drawing or coloring. The names of the colors are equally as fun as the sticks themselves with names such as odd ball orange, lighthouse blue, bamboo brown, and peacock purple to name a few!

I highly recommend check out for yourself, you won’t be disappointed in the products that can be found there. Hurry on! I’m sure any of these products would be sure to brighten the day of any child (or adult!).

Disclaimer: I was sent the above mentioned product to review. This review is 100% my opinion and has not been edited or reviewed by anyone. I was not compensated in any other way for this product review.