Review & Giveaway: The Gruffalo’s Child DVD & Book

In The Gruffalo’s Child, the Gruffalo tells his child an extraordinary story of “The Big Bad Mouse,” warning her never to go in the woods alone because there is a terrible creature lurking there.  Waiting until her father falls asleep, the Gruffalo’s Child sneaks out into the deep dark woods to see The Big Bad Mouse for herself.  Along the way she runs into a snake, an owl, and a fox and discovers that while they have similar features to The Big Bad Mouse, they are, in fact, not him.  Just as she is about to give up her search, she stumbles upon a tiny mouse. Cautious of her, the mouse listens to what the Gruffalo’s Child is looking for, and then decides to reveal his big bad secret!

Our Thoughts…

My family and I really enjoyed the tale of the Gruffalo on DVD and if you missed my review, you can find it by clicking here. After enjoyed that tale so much, you can imagine how excited when given the opportunity to share our thoughts on The Gruffalo’s Child DVD and book!

Let’s talk about the book, first it’s a sequel so I feel that it’s best read after reading the first title! My four year old daughter likes when we snuggle up on the couch together and I read this to her. The story is cute and the words are written in a rhyming way that makes it flow smoothly. Also she’s stopped and asked me what certain words mean, for example the word enormous. She learned that word meant big or very large! The pictures are simple yet engaging and I imagine the more and more that this book is read, likely you and your child will probably start memorizing it. A great bedtime or story time title to be enjoyed by kids of all ages!

The Gruffalo’s Child DVD movie being released by Ncircle Entertainment on August 14th is a must have (especially if you’ve seen and own the first title). As the tale starts, you are brought into the season of Winter with such amazing visuals! The scenery from the first movie impressed me and this one equally does in it’s own way with the snowflakes, shimmering icicles, and more!

Children and adults alike can watch in wonder as the child of the Gruffalo goes about on her way trying to find the Big Bad Mouse for herself! It was fun to see characters from the first story reappear and exciting to see what would happen next. Both my son and daughter loved this film just as much as the first one. I highly recommend this to all families! It totally one of our top picks to watch again and again dvds!

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