Review & Giveaway: Oransi’s Robby Wash Ball

I’ve been using the Oransi’s Robby Wash Ball for many years now. This laundry washing ball has been the most practical way in my life to wash almost all my laundry! With the Back to School season upon us, this might be something your family could use too . I find that it is something that’s pretty no brainer to use and it would be a great item to send along to a son or daughter that maybe living away from home and looking to save money every that they can without the cost of losing quality.

Originally created in France, the Robby Wash laundry ball is now in the U.S. This tint ball lasts for up to 120 washes and replaces 75 lbs. of traditional laundry detergent! Talk about a money saver! I bet you are wondering why else this wash ball is so great?
The Robby Wash laundry ball is an ultra high efficiency laundry solution that works with both top and front loaders. It uses macro-molecule pellets instead of powder or liquid. That’s right, no detergent necessary and so easy that anyone in the household can do the laundry! You just throw this ball in the washing machine and be well on your way! And I must rave about what a space saver this ball is in the laundry area!

This is a hypoallergenic product and a great choice as a baby laundry detergent cleaner or for someone with sensitive skin. Not only does it clean and protect your clothes, it guards fabrics against oxidation and discoloration caused by chlorine in the water, and maintains your clothes’ springiness.

I must say my clothes smell great after a wash! The Robby Ball leaves laundry with a light fresh smell. I was never huge fan of the strong laundry detergent smell on my clothes as I am pretty sensitive to smells. Included in the Oransi’s Robby Wash Ball kit is a stain stick. I applied the stain stick to many stains and everything came out looking great with no stain whatsoever!

Overall, there’s nothing I don’t like about the wash ball! One package of Robby Wash includes a washing ball, a stain stick and three extra packets of macro-molecule pellets and cost ONLY $32.95 and estimated will last me through 12 months of washing. You can use one ball for 2-3 years. And I’m taking note that the 24 months (2 years!) refill package is only $49. No matter how you look at it, this a great deal and a great product that will simply your life!

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