Review and Giveaway: Doc McStuffins – Friendship is the Best Medicine DVD

 “Doc McStuffins” is an imaginative animated series about Doc McStuffins, a six-year-old girl who communicates with and heals stuffed animals and broken toys out of her backyard playhouse clinic. Assisting Doc with the day-to-day operations at the clinic are her much-loved friends: Stuffy, an overly proud dragon; Lambie, her cuddly best friend; Hallie, a jolly and caring hippo nurse; Squeakers, an alarmist squeaky toy fish; and Chilly, a snowman who spends a lot of time getting check-ups at the clinic. Whether it’s a case of loose stitching, low batteries or a blow-up toy who’s sprung a leak, Doc and her pals are always there to lend a helping hand, while imparting to young viewers the importance of taking care of oneself and others. Each episode features two 11-minute stories and an original song and showcases the hallmarks of great Disney storytelling – fantasy and wish fulfillment.

 Our Thoughts…

We are extremely excited about the release of Doc McStuffins to DVD and Digital Copy on August 21st! My four year old daughter frequents clinics and the Children Hospital often and I’m always looking for ways to make things run more smoothly. Since she’s gotten older, trips to the Doctor have gotten more frightening for her and causing anxiety so when I can find things that promote how Doctors are here to help and aren’t scary the better!

Doc McStuffins is a really cute show that deals with everyday sort of issues that could happen to any child. The episodes are great and teach children important things relating to our bodies. For example, the first episode is called “Engine Nine, Feelin’ Fine!, in this story we find out that the fire engine toy has run out of water. In that, children are taught all about dehydration and how it’s important to always make sure they drink enough.

The animation is quite eye catching and there are fun songs that are sung! The characters are fun loving and I’m sure we can relate to all of them in some way! I asked my daughter if she had a favorite episode and she told me she liked every single one. She really likes this show and has asked to watch it every single day since we received the DVD. She also quite enjoyed the activity sticker book that was included with the DVD that features dot to dots, coloring pages, mazes, and more!

Along with the copy I received to review, we also were sent a fun dress up Doctor outfit, stethoscope, clipboard, and name tag. My daughter has been playing pretend Doctor with all her favorite toys! Who knows, maybe one day she’ll go down that career path. I can most certainly say she’s got the personality for it! Anywho,  I can’t say enough great things and highly recommend Doc McStuffins DVD for children ages 2-6 years old!

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