My Thoughts on ThredUP

     Back to school shopping for clothes can sometimes be daunting especially for more than one child. If you aren’t huge into buying brand new, there are other options out there. During the next month or so, I’m going to be talking about some of the online second hand options that are out there from a first hand experience.

Let’s talk about Thred Up. I’d been a member at this company for well over two years and loved it. I was highly recommending and continually sharing about all the wonderful things they were doing for families. I was able to spend a set amount and receive and super stuffed box of clothes or toys for my kids and in turn send one out to another family! It was a great way to get connected and it felt good knowing a family that really needed the clothes was getting an awesome deal on them. It wasn’t until this year that ThredUP went and changed the way they ran their site that my love faded.

ThredUP is longer a swapping site but instead it’s now an online consignment store that gives you the option to shop  straight from home or on your phone through an app. There is also the option to send in clothes in a very large bag and get a pay out. So, I figured I’d shop the storefront as well as send in my children’s old clothes. Sounded like win since I thought I could use the money from my children’s old clothes to buy everything they needed for the next season. Or so I thought.

For 20.00 this is what I was able to get the following six items (not including shipping which is a flat $6.95 for orders under $40; Free for orders over $40. ):

4T – Old Navy Long Sleeve T Shirt   $3.99 (Good Used Condition)
4T – Polly & Friends Long Sleeve Shirt $3.99 ( looked brand new)
4T – Pinc Short Sleeve Shirt    $2.49 ( this shirt had a lot of strings on it that I had to remove and the buttons were loose)
4T – Jumping Beans Short Sleeve Shirt w/ skort  $3.99 ( this item was refunded because the skort was missing, I was really bummed because this outfit was going to be used for the start of school year photos!)
4T – Jumping Beans Short Sleeve Shirt    $3.99 ( a bit of wash and wear)

Other Size – Disney Socks (NWT) Size 7-10 Shoe $2.49 ( $1.00 originally so these were a bit overpriced)I realize brand new these items would have cost a bit more but not by much, especially if I hit the clearance racks. The biggest pro is that I can shop from home and easily navigate to the things I need. Price is debatable if you factor shipping in. 

Okay, so that was my shopping experience, now to talk about the cleaning out part of ThredUP. Basically you stuff a large bag full of clothes (you must pay a deposit for the bag, but it is fully refunded after they recieve your bag.) You drop it off at the post office or have it arranged to be picked up. Once Thred Up receives your bag they will pay you via Paypal.

I sent in a bag from Oregon to California and it took three weeks to be processed ( longer than I anticipated). And in that time, they somehow managed to get my bag mixed up and were contacting me sending me photos of items to be sure if it was my bag or not. This worried me, making me wonder if items I sent in got misplaced and if I would even receive credit for them. Well, I was extremely disappointed in my payout of just 15.00.

I sent in a huge bag of clothes, a lot my son didn’t even wear. There was a brand new costume in there that was worn once that apparently didn’t make the cut as well as tons of brand new without tag footed pjs, EUC Baby Banz Sun Hats, and more! None of those items were accepted and they wouldn’t say where they ended up. I got email saying that they can’t take those items because it’s hard to sell them. EVEN though I see them posting pajama’s as well as Halloween costumes every day in their store!

If you are thinking of sending clothes in and expecting a good enough payout to purchase new to you ones for your children for a season, save yourself the time and try to sell them elsewhere. If you check up on the ThredUP facebook page, you can see a lot of other moms haven’t been happy with this feature either.

That’s just my two cents. Let me know if you’ve tried out ThredUP and how your experience was using their services!

Also feel free to share any tips and where you are shopping for your kids clothes now!