Review: Fun Facts Puzzle: U.S.A

My daughter Melody really enjoys sitting down and figuring out puzzles. I love how engaged she can get. It pleases me because I know that when she’s working out puzzles, she’s using problem solving skills by seeing similarities & differences, matching pieces together, concentrating, and using logic! It’s also a nice quiet activity to do during anytime of the day alone or with the family.

Thanks to Silver Dolphin Books, my daughter recently received her very first floor puzzle. Since my daughter is getting older, she’s becoming more aware about where we live and asks often about relatives that don’t live close to us. I’ve shown her a map and pointed it out and had a short talk about the USA and of the 50 states it’s made up of. When I saw there was a Fun Facts USA Puzzle, I jumped at the chance to bring it into our home.

The Fun Facts Puzzle: U.S.A is generously sized at 24-by-36 inch. This puzzle is pretty awesome in more than one way. On one side of the puzzle is the Map of our country and on the other, is a fun fact about the states. For example, there are facts that mention the ladybug is the Delawares offical state bug, and another fact is that Maryland’s state sport is jousting!

The puzzle itself is super colorful and pieces are very sturdy. The size of the doubled sided pieces are just right for children to pick up and place where needed. The box is very durable and can be used to store the puzzle pieces when not being used. The USA Puzzle Map makes learning geography fun and in total hands on way! I highly recommend this puzzle for all children ages four and up!sport is jousting!

Silver Dolphin Books offers many other floor puzzles such as: The Solar System
and Under The Sea. All with the double sided pieces sharing all sorts of fun facts! These puzzles retail for 14.95 at most places. But I found the Fun Facts Puzzle: U.S.A. on for less than $10.00!

Disclaimer: I was sent the above product mentioned for review. This review is 100% my opinion and has not been edited or reviewed by anyone. I was not compensated in any other way for this product review.