Music & Giveaway Review: HULLABALOO: Raise a Ruckus

TOP 10 BEST CHILDREN’S CDs OF 2010: “As good as it gets when it comes to children’s music.”
– Parents magazine

Hullabaloo is farm-fresh, free-range, organic kid-folk in a genre filled with musical Twinkies and Ding-Dongs. Don’t get us wrong (and please don’t sue us Hostess Foods Inc.), Twinkies and Ding-Dongs are great (in small doses). But, after a while, you need something with a little more substance—something that won’t induce an insulin coma.

Here at Hullabaloo World Headquarters, we like to say “We’re putting the music back in kid’s music!” because, until recently, it’s been a pretty sad state of affairs. A lot of parents raised on rock’n’roll have a hard time down-shifting to singing dinosaurs and hamsters and, frankly, we don’t blame them.

We’re proud to be part of a growing number of artists that have found a way to honor and entertain kids without making their parents want to jump out of a moving mini-van.

Steve’s a folksinger and a songwriter and Brendan is a long-time rock’n’roll drummer so, you’ll hear traces of twang, funk, rock, folk and blues in our songs. We play the time-tested favorites we all grew up with and we write songs that make kids laugh, think, sing, dance, clap and stomp their feet.

Our Thoughts…

Parents get ready because Hullabaloo’s CD Raise a Ruckus will be out on September 4th! This is a children’s music CD that you shouldn’t be without. The engaging lyrics found on the album and the rich tunes won’t send adults running for the hills. And that is something to be totally desired when it comes to music for your kids!

Raise a Ruckus has great rhythm from beginning to the end of this twelve songs album. I really enjoy each and everyone of the songs on this album! The first song on the cd is called “My Eyes” which talks about seeing everything the world has to show us and hitting the ground running so as not to miss any bit of it!

There are some pretty silly songs on the album like “Green Beans” for example. My four year old daughter giggled and kept asking to hear that song over and over again! My son seems to really like “Raise a Ruckus”, a song that will always get him dancing! I personally love the song “Trash is My Treasure” about a Seagull that is a dumpster diver. It’s a really cute song that you’ll just have to hear for yourself!

I really enjoy how the songs all seem to tell a story and prompt kids to really think about what they are hearing! The upbeat tempo always gets my whole family in a great mood! My only disappointment (because we love the album so much) is that we wish there more songs to enjoy but I guess we’ll just have to wait for the bands next album!

Run time of Hullabaloo: Raise a Ruckus is about half an hour long so it’s great for a short car ride or an at home fun music time. This album is best suggested for children ages 6 and under. And it’s one that we highly recommend, especially if you like folk/country music!

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