What Would I do without my Skoy Cloths?

A product I’ve been using for many years now that I’d like to brag about again is the Skoy Cloth! I use these cloths for washing dishes, cleaning the counter tops,  to wipe my kids hands and faces after a meal,  clean windows, and the list goes on!

I use Skoy Cloths for almost everything and they last for a long time without having to be replaced. I mean what’s not to love…they are the most ideal eco friendly alternative to using paper towels and sponges. And get this, one Skoy Cloth can keep 15 rolls of paper towels out of the landfills and they can absorb up to 15 times its own weight!

Skoy Cloths are 100% Biodegradable made from natural cotton and wood based cellulose pulp. The feel of this cloth is like soft card board and the bottom is textured which helps give it great scrubbing power.

The Skoy cloth is a smart eco friendly, affordable, and durable way to clean! They are available in a variety of styles and fun patterns. You can get four  Skoy cloths on Amazon.com for $6.99 right now!